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Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Random Acts of Flowers

My hotel is right across from Golden Gate Park and we discovered these flowers planted by random people trying to brighten up this part of the park. These made such an impression on my 16 year old nephew that he's decided to go home to Nashville and try this in some park near him that could use some flower power. For some reason that makes me want to cry - in a good way.This one is planted right in the middle of the daffodils. The next photo shows a close up of the sign.

Isnt this sweet? I love California!

I bet if I was able to find and by a spot in a community garden in Nashville that my nephew and all his hippie friends would love to grow some food for the homeless. He seems very motivated to try to bring some of the San Francisco ideals back to Tennessee with him. I love that kid...


  1. I like doing this with native wildflower seeds!

  2. Hey Gina,

    Hope you're enjoying San Fran. The daffs look nice, but those rubber tires remind me of a redneck garden.
    Oh, well, we're known for making use of discarded items aren't we ?

    Have fun.

  3. That's such a great idea. Maybe you can turn him into a gardener.

  4. That is a great idea to make a place more wonderful with flowers. Nice o hear your nephew wanted to do the same, at home.

  5. what a lovely garden you have there. such pretty flowers

  6. You said it best: I love California!

  7. no rain - great idea! I'll be sure to tell him about that! Better yet, I'll just mail him some seeds.

    carolyn - i agree about redneck tires but somehow it works in that location at golden gate park.

    MMD - he grows veggies with my mom every summer and has for years.

    mightymatt - I'm so proud of him! thanks for visiting my blog!

    TSWSB - thanks for stopping by!

    katie - there are so many things I loved about california! but i'm still scared of earthquakes...