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Sunday, December 9, 2007

What am I suppose to do????

Everything is covered in snow! I haven't left the house today because I nearly killed myself last night on the ice. It's a death trap out there! The funniest site I've seen in a long time was watching my Mr. W last night while he was trying to walk up the handicap ramp onto the sidewalk. He was plastered to the side of the building like Spider man. It was so hilarious! He was really having a hard time - his feet are size 14's! It's hard for him. But alas we made it home safe.

I don't know what to write about - there's no gardening ....

I thought about writing about how my spirea was being squashed by the snow but I was too cold and lazy to go out and take a picture.

I was going to write about the Cocoa Cocoa Hull Pellets I purchased to start my seeds in but they have not arrived yet. I read about them on a blog that I keep forgetting to save the link to and so I'm at the mercy of OldRoses and when she reblogs the site.

I think my Red Twig Dogwood must look really cool in the snow right now, but again that requires a picture.

I hope you are gardening more than me.


  1. A few years ago, there was a TV commercial with the line "Walk like a penguin." That's what we've been doing with all this lovely ice. Gina, get outside with your camera & take pictures of icy branches & snow like lace on the trees. Gardening in winter in Chicago is more of a mental than a physical activity. Right now I'm doing some year-end review of the garden, photos & journal entries. Drooling over seed catalogues also counts as gardening. If you really start to get stir crazy, go to the Chicago Botanic Garden greenhouses or the Garfield Park Conservatory & take lots of photos to post.

  2. The ice got me today LOL, landed right on my rear and twisted an ankle on my way down! Such is the curse of the accident prone.... ;)

  3. You've been hiding in that cave in the basement I reckon all this week, missy.

    I don't know how two Southern gals like us can endure this god awful weather. I wouldn't mind being in the hills of Alabama or Tennessee right about now !

    What to do in the winter ? It's indoor gardening. Read a good garden book . Dream about what you're going to do next year or take up painting like I do.

    If this ice skating rink ever thaws out you can get outdoors and do some awesome snow scenes.

    I hate winter! What was the man up above thinking when he made it ?

  4. Awwww, Gina...too bad you're stuck inside. I'll think about you while I'm out in the 80 degree sunshine here in NC. Whew, it's kinda hot...maybe I'd better go in for a nice tall glass of lemonade...

  5. MMD - I've memorized all seed catalogs already!

    nickie - thanks for stopping by! sorry to hear about your fall. All i could think about while walking across the ice was how Dr. Atkins died from falling on the ice. Don't ask me why strange things like that are in heavy rotation in my brain.

    carolyn - I actually loved the winter until gardening took over my life! I mean winter as in double digit temps with pretty snow. Ice and anything below 10 degrees always makes me wonder why i moved from the south.

    david - that is just pure mean!!!

  6. The winter is young...I'm sure I'll be repaid for my evil ways! (Send us some of that precipitation. We'll take it in any form right now!)nmpd

  7. Gina... winter is why NBA basketball is the perfect thing to do... not much going on in the garden, so might as well go see a basketball game, like I'll be doing Wednesday night when those bad Bulls come to town.

    You need to read some gardening books, get more indoor plants, get more seed catalogs, start a garden journal before you forget all you did this past year, make plans for spring. So much "mental gardening" to do, so little time!

    Carol, May Dreams Gardens

  8. Awwww, Gina, you know what you do when you've memorized the garden catalogues; go visit a fellow blogger's site, and start working your way through all the blogs they list (that you don't already read), and all the other sites of interest that they list, like nurseries, etc. If that doesn't inspire you to write something about gardening, nothing will! I can read blogs and their accompanying sites for hours...days...weeks...what do you mean, it's two weeks til Christmas! Wah! I have nothing done....


  9. Cool! Good blog! I'll mention it in my next blogpost and it'll turn up on my new blogroll.

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