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Sunday, December 16, 2007

Roses Being Scared By The Snow

More snow in Chicago last night.

Reading garden blogs has taught me about micro climates and the picture below is the most obvious one in my yard.

This snow will likely remain on these roses until next spring. Okay, maybe that's an exaggeration, but it won't melt nearly as fast as other areas. The fence provides too much shade.

Temporary compost bins are covered in snow.

The rabbit has been spotted! I repeat - the rabbit has been spotted! It's big and probably pregnant. Somebody get the lawn mower! I'M KIDDING! I'M KIDDING! Jeez - relax people!


  1. We got snow here, too, but you win- we didn't get near as much. Good luck with your seed starting!!

  2. Time to get out the shotgun. :) It's actually a good thing for your roses to be under the snow all winter, it insulates them from subfreezing temps. It also prevents them from sprouting prematurely & get their buds frozen off. (Don't you just hate getting your bud frozen off?)

  3. I could send Luna (my dog) over to chase the rabbits out of your garden. Unfortunately they would come back as soon as we went home.

  4. Yes, just north of you we got snow yesterday too. Not as much as Chicago though. The snow is a great protector and insulator for all your plants. Don't worry about the roses, they will do great and when the snow melts they'll get an extra drink of water. (I think it's way too early for a pregnant bunny!!)

  5. Hey, Jojo the rat terrier loves wabbits ! I do, too. We use to make Brunswicks stew with rabbits and squirrels. Yummy !

    All that snow is a good thing, as Martha Stewart, Alyssa and MMD says. Good insulation and moisture.

  6. Hi there, Gina! You know, some of us would be grateful to have a nice blanket of snow to keep our gardens snug all winter. But I do understand that looking at all that white gets a little (or a lot) old after a while. Well, in the meantime, think spring--and have a great holiday!