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Thursday, December 27, 2007

Gardening Resolutions For 2008?

In general I think New Years Resolutions are a crock. Every year I say to myself, "screw it, I'm not making any - it's stupid anyway!" But then the year draws to a close and I start to think I really should at least make an effort to better a few things in my life. I mean, having goals is not a BAD thing, right?

Gardening Resolutions:
Weed more! I mean it is not that likely that I'll completely eradicate the bastard pseudo-morning glory weed that is trying to destroy me, but I'd like to at least make an effort to spend more time weeding and stop only focusing on the fun stuff.

Put my tools (toys) away when I'm done. I have a really bad habit of leaving stuff out in the rain. Not intentionally, but I always think I'll just take a short break then go back outside to finish working. Next thing you know it's been a week and the rake is rusting.

Host a garden party. You may not have noticed but I'm extremely introverted and anti-social. It's true! I swear! I'm also very shy. Why does nobody ever believe me when I say that??? Anyway, I'd like to host a garden party (even though I'm not even sure exactly what that is or what it involves) on my new future patio.

*on edit: Re-read garden blog posts before publishing to prevent stupid errors from being seen by very important readers.

Anti-Gardening Resolutions: Does gardening keep you from doing very important stuff? I've been thinking of doing a post called "The Bad Side Of Gardening" (note: add stop procrastinating to 2008 resolutions).

Clean the house more. Somehow I seem to have decided that all work at home should be done outside the house.

Get back to a regular exercise routine. Again - gardening is at fault here!

Work less. I don't mean garden less - I mean work for "the man" less. I'm getting home entirely too late these days and I miss Mr. W.

So that's about it for me. What about you? Have you made any Gardening or Anti-Gardening Resolutions for 2008? If not, it's time to start thinking about it. Jeez there are only a few days left in 2007, people! Let's get moving!


  1. They say the road to hell is paved with good intentions and in your case it must be gold bricked. Heehee.

    That "bastard pseudo-morning glory weed " has a name - bindweed, and if you had your pick it would be the worse that you could find.

    You, extremely "introverted and anti-social ?" Introverts don't host garden parties. They hide in the garden.

    I think any post titled " The bad side of gardening " will be rather short because it simply doesn't exist.

    You've got a lot of resolutions to put into action. Don't forget to eat your blackeyed peas for good luck in the New Year.

  2. These are quite daunting, Gina...I think I need a nap just from reading them. :-)
    I perfectly understand about being shy and somewhat antisocial. People don't believe that about me either, but I put on my garden persona when I go to give talks or interview people, etc. Then I retreat to the haven that is my garden...or at this time of year, my office.
    Gardening keep me from doing stuff? Not a chance. Long suffering spouse does the housework. and the laundry. And some of the cooking!

  3. I'll join you on more weeding and less leaving tools outside. Part of the reason for that is that I move on to another project without completing the one at hand. So that's my top of the list. FINISH something--almost anything

  4. No resolutions for me Gina. I am at "the age" that I know resolutions are made to be ignored. A positive thought maybe but rarely carried out. I refuse to be guilty about a good thought. :) Happy New Year to you.

  5. I'll second the more weeding. Sigh. If only someone would/could come up with a way to make weeding FUN... I'm also going to try to eat better. Which would probably help me get rid of the 10 pounds that seem to have moved in this past year...

    Do remember greens and hoppin' John on New Year's Day for luck and money.

  6. I resolve to make no more resolutions! :^D I thought weeding WAS fun. I have successfully conquered the Weed-From-Hell bindweed, & I can help you too. 1st, you have to admit that you are helpless b4 it without a higher power: Roundup Brush Killer. (I use herbicide only on bindweed & buckthorn stumps.) 2d, invest in heavy duty chemical gloves. 3d, invest in Q-tips (economy sized box). Cut back bindweed as far as possible, dig slightly in ground if necessary. Dip Q-tip in herbicide & dab it on the remaining bits of weed. When it resprouts (which it will), repeat process until weed is gone. Digging bindweed breaks its roots & causes more plants of it to sprout. Good luck & godspeed.

  7. Hey, gardening is the important stuff, don't forget that! No resolutions for me, just goals on what I want to do in the garden this next year.

    You, shy? I can believe that. Really, I'm not such a ball of fire at a party, either. I'd rather be in the garden,

    Now, what about those Bulls? A new coach and it isn't even the all star break!

    Carol, May Dreams Gardens

  8. carolyn - I always have blackeyed peas and greens on New Years day for good luck. I love them both! And thanks for the ID on the bindweed.

    jodi - im pretty good at "faking it" too! my bf is also really good around the house but what about the guilt?? don't you have guilt??

    karen - thanks for visiting my blog! I am so with you on the "finish anything" thing! I'm the same way!

    lisa - Happy New Year to you too!

    marion - Happy New Year!

    MMD - thanks for the help on the bindweed!

    carol - we are pretty depressed about the coach being fired in the middle of the season with no replacement. That's insane! now skiles is sitting home collecting the 8 million remaining on his contract. This is the first time we've ever seriously talked about not renewing our tickets next year. They did win tonight but the new coach cried during the post game interview - oh brother!

  9. Hey, if you have that garden party, can I come since I'm also shy, introverted, and antisocial? I sort of like being that way, though. People stop expecting me to attend tedious social events after a while. They figure I'm home pulling weeds or moving plants...again.

  10. No resolutions for me! I'll just make them up as I go. Sort of like how I garden...

  11. The introvert thing has GOT to be bollocks, Gina... but I'll suspend my disbelief, if you insist.
    I hadn't had any resolutions til I read this and realised I should have some. So here goes:
    1. Weed more. I also let the 'morning glory-type stuff' (aka bindweed, right?) go a bit crazy this year. 2008 will see a zero-tolerance policy.
    2. Rant more. I was altogether too polite in 2007.
    3. Grow more 'weird' veg. So I'm starting with okra and may even have a bash at taro if I can find some.

    Will that do?!?

  12. Ok, I have to add "Put garden tools away" to my list too! I understand the whole anti-social thing. I tend toward the introverted end of things too. A party, (keep it a small one at first), will keep you honest. I always worry that I end up being one of those ladies who has 6 feet of newspapers covering their living room floor if I don't invite people over.