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Friday, November 30, 2007

I'm In Tomato Seed Heaven

The folks over at have done it again!

I'm participating in the Garden Blogger Seed exchange that Colleen organized and I was so thrilled to see that Trudi from had posted an offer to choose tomato seeds. I love tomatoes! Remember??

You may remember that I already received my free seeds from wintersown and they actually sent me 10 packs to try, rather than the 6 that they promised. So now, in addition to those, I have the following tomato seeds to try.

Tomato Blend

Large Red Grape (Ind)

Cononaut Volkvov (Det)

San Marzano Plum (Ind)

Brandywine (Ind)

Heinz 1439 (Det)

Beefsteak Tomato (Ind)

Martian Giant (Ind)

Blondkopfchen (Ind)


Hot Pepper Mix

Mammoth Sunflower

So, from the looks of things, I won't be buying any actual tomato plants this year! Imagine how exciting it'll be if I can grow all my tomatoes from seeds!

I noticed these packs have a number with the "DTM" beside it - what the heck does that mean please??

Thanks, Trudi! You Rock!


  1. Gina... my guess... DTM stands for "days to maturity", how long after you've planted the tomatoes until you get a nice juicy ripe tomato.

  2. Hi Gina---I'll second Carol. DTM=Days to Maturity. You got some good ones! I'm waiting breathlessly for mine to come in :-) Brandywines are my favorite tomatoes'll love them. And San Marzano plums are yummy too. I made my version of sun-dried tomatoes with them this past summer, and they are insanely good. They were even good eaten straight off the vine. I can't wait to get started growing next year's tomatoes! You'll have to let us know how you like the rest of your tomatoes. And, maybe save some seed for the Seed Exchange ;-)

  3. Now I have to send an envelope off, too. How neat, you got all kinds of different tomato seeds. I always try several different kinds, mark the pots I start them in, but sometime between greenhouse and garden I forget to mark which is which, so I never know. I will have to try much harder this year.

  4. carol - thanks! that makes perfect sense!

    colleen - i have you to thank for these awesome tomato seeds! thanks for the suggestion on sun-dried san marzanos - I'll definately try that. the brandywines are heirloom too so I'll definately be trying to save some seed if I can get these things to grow. are you planning to try to winter sow all your tomato seeds?

    christine - thanks for stopping by! i was worried about forgetting what was what too. I've never done this before but I can imagine it would be very confusing.

  5. Gina... if by wintersow you mean you will sow the tomato seeds outside in the winter. Don't. They are not frost hardy, even the seedlings, and would die. Start tomato seedlings indoors about 6 - 8 weeks before your last frost date and then only plant them outside when you are pretty sure there won't be another frost.

    Wintersowing works for seedlings that are hardy enough to withstand frost and cold like perennials, some annuals, biennials, etc.

  6. I think it means determinate. There are tall kinds of tomato vines (indeterminate) and shorter kinds (determinate). The determinates generally produce fruit all at once for a single harvest or two which is great for canning while the other ones keep growing and making new tomatoes.