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Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Winter Sowing

In preparation to try winter sowing for the first, I requested free seeds from the people over at They came in the mail today!

It was very simple, I just mailed them a self addressed stamped envelope per the instructions on their website and the seeds arrived about a week later. They came wrapped in this little flyer that also tells me how to grow tomatoes in a bucket.

They tell you that they'll send 6 different kinds of seeds but they sent me 10! Count em! Talk about "under promise and over deliver."

Here's the list of seeds they sent me...

  1. Tomato Blend - assortment of different shapes, sizes and colors. Are they mind readers?
  2. Poppy Blend
  3. Snapdragon Mix
  4. Bells of Ireland. Are they mind readers?
  5. Columbine Blend
  6. Shasta Daisy
  7. Heirloom, purple-tinged, butterhead lettuce
  8. Red Cardinal Flower
  9. Mammoth Sunflower
  10. Zinnia Canary Yellow

I'm so glad I waited to order seeds since a couple of the things they sent are on my list. I can't wait!

They also sent a label and encourage me to send my extra seeds to them. I'll definitely be sending in a few things.


  1. That is very cool. You are going to have a lot of fun starting your new seeds. The tomatos, snapdragons, columbines, daisies and cardinal flower should be started indoors way before spring. The columbine seeds may need to be cold treated before they will germinate too. They will also have to have some supplemental light to get them off to a good start when they are tiny.

    That website sounds very interesting. I'll have to check it out.

  2. Gina,
    you are going to have sooo much fun with this!
    Did you know there is a forum specifically for WSing at gardenweb?:

    You can get lots of seed from the exchange there. They have a program where you can request seed 'newbie' packages - though you don't have to be new to WSing to get them. And a FAQ for WSing too (if you still have questions).

    Yay! And another joins in on the fun. Woohoo!

  3. "The tomatos, snapdragons, columbines, daisies and cardinal flower should be started indoors way before spring. "

    Nope. WInter Sow them please, that's why the seeds are shared freely--so you can try the method!

    I encourage you to do so--you'll love it!

    Trudi Davidoff, Pres.
    WinterSown Educational

  4. alyssa - check them out, I'm very impressed!

    tina - thanks for the tip on the WS forum! I'll check it out FOR SURE!

    president trudi - I'm humbled by your visit to my blog ;) Thanks for the seeds. I love your site! I'll be posting about my winter sowing experience using your seeds here on this blog so stay tuned!

  5. I'm excited for you to try winter sowing! I was hooked after my first year. I use GardenWeb extensively... they have a forum for everything. I did many seed exchanges last year on the seed exchange forum. Each member who trades has a list of seeds on their member page, and you can even search for a specific seed you are looking for to see who has it and also what seeds they are looking for. It is very thrifty and great fun...a good way to pass the time until spring comes. :-)

  6. That's awesome, I am filling out mine right now.

  7. Great info. I am just setting out my winter sowing..glad to know about the free seeds. Will try that. By the way, how do you post comments on your blog. I use blogspot but haven't figured out how to show the comments. If you don't mind could you go to my blog and leave a message in the comment section? Thanks so much.

  8. I don't understand how wintersowing website works. Do you have to send them some seeds first in exchange for the seeds you hope to get back? Do you send them a list of what you would like to have? Is there any cost involved?