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Friday, November 2, 2007

House Plants - Give Me Another Chance!

Now that I've been given this plant that needs to survive the winter in my house I've decided to publicly make a commitment to not kill it. Not only that but I think I'm ready to take the house plant plunge in general.

Garden Buddy and I were talking about this at work the other day and it seems that we've both been boycotting house plants for a while but now we've been inspired to try them out. She's just been on house plant sabbatical. I, on the other hand, have killed multitudes of house plants over the years. I can't tell you how many times in my life I've seen a TV show where somebody had great plants that made their room look great or been to a friends house that had beautiful plants, rushed out and bought random plants only to watch them die. It's not like I work really hard at it and I just can't make them live, I just don't take care of them. I water them about 3 times then decide it's too much work then run around telling everybody I just can't grow plants. The only thing I've not killed was a Wandering Jew. I actually moved off and left the damn thing rooted in the backyard.

I'm excited!


  1. How exciting! House plants get us gardeners through the winter. Have to have the house plants!

  2. I don't know what I would do without my houseplants. Congrats on giving them another chance.

  3. I suck at houseplanting. I don't get it since my outdoor stuff lives. I brought in my geraniums for the 1st time and am going to try hard not to kill them. I'm glad to know I;m not alone in trying!

  4. I used to suck at houseplants--seriously, I can't tell you how many aloe plants (yes, ALOE) I have killed over the years. It's genetic, and I blame my mother.

    Then I started bringing plants inside for the winter just to see what I could do: potted rosemary, wax begonias, sedums and so forth. And then I found myself with some of those mother-in-law's-tongues and other "unkillables." I don't know if it's just that misery likes company or if the word got around that I take care of plants outside so the inside ones now think I'm cool, but now my house is FULL! lol.

    (But I'm not saying anything about the jade plant--I don't want to jinx that. I'm scared to death I'm going to kill this huge monster jade plant I "inherited" recently... argh.)