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Sunday, November 4, 2007

Bikini Gardening

Have you ever seen those skanky girls that garden in inappropriate clothing? Daisy dukes? Bikinis? Halter tops? Well that's gonna be me next spring!

Not really, but I just need to set the stage here. I should say I've never seen any ACTUAL gardeners dressed like that but you are familiar with the slutty neighbor on TV shows. I don't think I'd ever dress like that in public but I want the option! It may seem crazy but gardening has really taken me out of my workout game. And being out of my workout routine has made me just say to hell with eating right. I'm in bad shape!

Prior to May when I started gardening, I exercised regularly. I worked out 6 days per week! Yeah yeah yeah, I know what you're going to say "gardening is great exercise!" Well sure it is, if you are removing sod like I did the first month. While I completely agree that it is much better to be active and gardening sure does keep you active, it is hardly ever a cardio workout for me. So, I've got to take some action.

For me this is all about being prepared. I know how to eat right. I know how to workout and how often I should workout. I know all about glycemic index and refined sugars and I know that building muscle speeds up your metabolism. I know about eating several small meals per day....more white rice, pasta, potatoes. But unless I devote a fair amount of time to this I suck at it. Like gardening, I need to be obsessed about eating right and working out and I can't figure out how to have more than one obsession at a time. And I'm not over gardening yet! Plus, when I'm stressed I just go on auto pilot. Auto pilot for me is eating quick, usually unhealthy meals. Remember, I was raised in the south. We fry everything! Any healthy habits I have picked up have been on my own, as an adult. My unhealthy ways are deeply embedded. I BLAME MY PARENTS! Now I don't mean to say I'm not capable or that it's hopeless - I just need to take it very seriously. All my food choices need to be very deliberate and heavily planned.

So here's the plan. Eat healthy and workout regularly and come springtime all my neighbors will be saying "have you seen that skanky looking girl gardening???" Join me if you wish.


  1. I find that I have to work out 1st thing, otherwise I get sidetracked. Later never seems to come. So, get back on that exercise treadmill & get back in the habit! :) (I'm trying...)

  2. I think I have the same problem, Every family event centered around food. I have battled weight since I was 18 years old. I get plenty of exercise, but think that gives me a free ticket to eat whatever I want to. I am also trying, again, to drop a few pounds. Hope it works this time!

  3. Skanky - that sounds like a nasty word to me. But, yes, I had a neighbor right across from me, a young filly, mowing the lawn in " Daisy Duke " cut-off's and a tall pair of boots ! There was talk, oh , yes .

    If you garden every day from Spring to Fall like I do, Gina, then it's enough exercise and you need rest, but if you're sitting in an office all day and are the weekend warrior, of course it's not enough .

    All you need is 30 minutes a week to do the slow revolution exercise routine which I posted about a few days ago. Check it out.

    Hey, girl friend, being raised in the South is NOT an excuse -I was too,and I'm a health nut.

    Your plan is great - eat right and exercise during the long winter months and you'll be ready for another wonderful gardening year this coming Spring.

  4. Heh - I'm definitely a winter exerciser: come April, I'd much rather muck around in the garden than go off and lift weights. This time of year, I get motivated again since I do want to be able to garden like mad in the springtime without getting exhausted!

  5. We have someone who mows the lawn in her bathing suit, unfortunately she's gotta be at least sixty five. Look away!

    I also am a fall to spring exerciser. I'll be working out in spirit with you, getting fit for next spring.

    Carol at May Dreams Gardens