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Saturday, November 10, 2007

Another Garden Blogger Saves The Day!

For the last several weeks I've been fretting over what to do with all the garden debris currently laying around making a mess of my front and back yard. Here's all the stuff I need to get rid of but just can bring myself to throw away.

Dead Zinnias that were the subject of the bastard garden center piece
Kitchen garden
Annuals I still haven't dug up yet
Trash can full of wood chips
Leaves Leaves Leaves

I got the compost tumbler for my birthday and I do love it but I'm mostly using it for kitchen scraps since it's a closed system. I need more space! Not only that but it's getting colder and colder and the long I wait to clean this stuff up the less the chance that it will actually get cleaned up. I am in that OMG, OMG, OMG I'm so far behind mode.

So today I'm finally catching up on my garden blog reading and I stumble on this AWESOME idea of making temporary compost bins RIGHT IN MY NEW RAISED BEDS! Marc is a genius! I was planning to layer greens and browns in here anyway but only 12 inches worth and I'm sure that would shrink to nothing by spring. So I'll use the marc method which will give me WAY more space to collect. I am so excited! I have work to do!

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  1. Thanks for sending me over to Marc's post on composting....great idea!