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Monday, October 29, 2007

In My Hood

Inspired by all the bloggers who have posted pictures of gardens in their neighborhoods I decided to take a walk around my own neighborhood to get a closer look at a few that have caught my eye from the car.

The house below is one that I ran across a few weeks ago. When I first saw it I actually gasped "wow! they removed all the grass in the front yard!! go on with your bad self, neighbor!" When I actually walked by it I noticed there is still some grass left. Judging from the very tall plants at the street, I'm thinking they must be looking for privacy. Either way, I admire their nerve and I'll be sure to check this garden out again in the spring when everything is in it's full beauty.

The house below is where my favorite neighborhood garden lives. I wish I knew these people and I wish they'd let me look in their backyard - I bet it's awesome! For some reason I always imagine that everybody is like me when it comes to their front yard. I figure all their best work is in the back and they only move to the front when they run out of space or find themselves pressured into improving their curb appeal by some fancy landscapers *glaring at Carolyn and MBT*

Here's the view from both ways on the street. The house is on a pretty busy street so I tried to snap the pictures quickly so nobody would think I'm with the FBI or anything. What, you don't think light blue crocs and Vols sweatshirt scream FBI?What I noticed about my neighborhood is that the gardens are mostly straight and narrow. There are very few curvy lines therefore the few that do have them, like the one in the picture above, really command attention. Walking in my neighborhood also reaffirmed that I prefer the messy look in the garden. You call it "cottage style" I call it charming disarray.

I'm still in search of that gardener in my hood who actually took the plunge to remove all their grass. Or, maybe I'll be the first?


  1. I'm still working on "charming disarray". Mine's just a mess.

    I love your idea of gardens in your neighborhood. I've been trying to work up the nerve to ask my neighbors across the street if I can take some pics, theirs is lovely. Hopefully next year I'll get some. They have NO GRASS!

  2. Cottage and pottager gardens are definitely my prefered garden style too

  3. You have a great neighborhood from the pictures anyway. I love those porch steps painted in different colors.

  4. Did you see Blackswamp Girl's front yard?

    As for being mistaken for the FBI, maybe you need some business cards that say "Gina--Garden Writer" and your blog name. Or maybe a badge! Something like "Garden 5-0"

  5. Blue crocs and a Vols sweatshirt ? and did you say " glaring at Carolyn and MBT ? " Definitely F.B.I. -Fricking Busybody Investigations !

    FYI , there's very little grass in my front garden and I'm even contemplating getting rid of it. Fancy landscaper, I am NOT. You're right to say, however, that the good stuff is usually in the BACK . The front garden is, in most cases, a " gift " to the public and not that interesting.

    I don't know about those neighbors of yours, Gina. Looking for privacy ? Have they ever heard of blinds on the windows ? My neighbor has a hundred year old evergreen encasing her house and she too is worried about " privacy ". I'm worried about her worrying about privacy since I can't see a thing in her window.

    Go ahead and get rid of the grass if that makes you happy - but be careful not to turn your front garden into a junk yard full of weedy looking flowers.

  6. I'm with Carolyn Gail. Having a front yard full of flowers and plants is a slippery slope. I only say this because of the ones I've seen in person.

    I could never do it, but then I live out in the country and have a huge front yard. If I lived in town on an urban lot, that would make a huge difference in how I'd landscape.

    Thanks for taking us on a little walk through your neighborhood. I can't really post pictures of our neighborhood gardens because I'm the only one who has one besides one neighbor at the other end of the row of houses and it's just a small veggie plot.

  7. Hey, go knock on that door and tell your neighbor how much you love the front garden and "could you see the back?". I think nearly every gardener loves to hear compliments and loves to show off their handy-work. I know I do!

  8. You need to lurk on a nice weekend & catch the people with the nice garden out working in it. Then you casually stroll up & start gushing about how much you like their garden. I bet they give you tour. So when are you going to get rid of all your lawn? :}

  9. Great idea, I think I’ll do the same in my neighborhood. I like your description of your garden “Charming Disarray”