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Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Swimming Lettuce And Horizontal Zinnia

Since I started gardening I've noticed that lots of things seem to move in slow motion. All summer I've watched my plants like a hawk noticing every little change in my garden plants but the slow growth makes everything seemmmmmssss likeeeeee itssss movingggg innn slowwwww moooootionnnnn. I know...."a watched pot" blah blah blah.

This past weekend it seemed like it rained for 40 days and 40 nights but it was actually only a couple of days.
As you may remember, there was water actually standing in my homemade cedar planter boxes that I had freshly planted with 3 different kinds of lettuce seeds. I just knew my lettuce was a goner, but look look! Man this stuff is growing like crazy after I removed the Bulls umbrella and exposed it to a few hours of sun. I was told by the CSA guy that I'd be eating fresh salad greens in 3 weeks and I did not believe him but after seeing this extreme growth I think he might be right!
I've noticed that my Zinna gets so tall that it kind of falls over. Take a look at the picture below. See how the pretty pink Zinnia looks like it's laying down? I love that! It's probably not so great for the plant but I think it's very cool looking. Does your Zinna lay down?


  1. See, I told you lettuce was tough! My zinnias stand up straight, but I've noticed that they immediately wilt if I wait too long to water them in their container. They do last a long time if you cut them and put them in a vase. I'm trying to decide where I'm going to attempt growing zinnias in the ground next year. I want a ton so I can cut them for vases and leave a nice selection growing. My container just didn't have enough plants for that this year.

  2. Well, my asters are laying down. It could be because the dog trampled them while barking at a squirrel.

  3. Looks like you've got a terrific lettuce crop on the way! It will be really pretty in just a short while. Be sure to thin them when they get bigger.

    I've had plants fall down and then they automatically start to grow upwards towards the sun. It makes for a unique look - or bouquet.

  4. Oh, Gina, the wind knocks things awry here--we have horizontal monkshood, delphinium (now finished), daisies and rudbeckia, aster plants (asters not yet blooming) and sunflower 'trees' that are laying down on the ground totally horizontal. I stake a few things but mostly let stuff do as it will--because who can beat the wind.
    Good news about the lettuce, and the melons, too.

  5. heather - we had more storms and the top planter box isnt looking nearly as good as the bottom one. i hope it makes it. ill keep you posted!

    wrenna - there is a fine line between "laying down" and "trampled on" ;)

    alyssa - thanks for the tips on thinning. i'll be sure to do that. i really love the laying plants because the flowers point up and don't really seem in distress. i think its very cool! wait - i already said that.

    jodi - i think its the wind here too. do your other plants seem to be okay when laying down? like the delphs?

  6. Zinnias do like to sprawl....I like to plant them between rows in my veggie garden and that helps support them a bit and makes everything beautiful. :-)
    If your lettuce planter boxes aren't TOO heavy it might be a good idea to rotate them occasionally, since the bottom one probably doesn't get as much direct sun and that may be why it isn't doing as well.

  7. I have two Zinnia plants one became very bushy and stands up straight and the other became extremly tall and eventually just started to lean like yours.