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Thursday, August 23, 2007


This evening it occurred to me that I won't always have an endless supply of delicious tomatoes. I'm in a panic! Tomatoes are not cheap. Not only that but the only grape and cherry tomatoes that I've ever purchased from the grocery store really sucked.

Oh, the dread!


  1. I hear ya! We picked our last tomato last night. There are no more on the plant -- why did it seem like there would always be more tomatoes! I still have some leftover, but I have to eat them before they get bad. Sadness, it's not even the end of August.

    Hope you guys were okay in the storm last night.

  2. hey rosemarie! you picked your last one already??? i was thinking this would last way long. you are freaking me out! we made it through the storm just fine. hope the same for you guys. i was thinking of my garden blogging neighbors last night. it was pretty scary.

  3. We did not have a scary storm the other night down here in Indy. It is still dry down here.

    By the way, on the tomatoes, as the season ends, you can pick green tomatoes and put them inside on a window sill to ripen. They won't be quite as good as the ones that ripen in the sun, but they will still be better than store bought.

    Carol at May Dreams Gardens