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Sunday, July 1, 2007

Which way does this Peony go?

Today I went plant shopping since everything is on big time sale. I bought a white Peony from Menard's. It's one of the ones in the box with the sawdust looking stuff. It said to plant as soon as you buy it but, from the looks of the box, this thing is about 10 years old.

So there I am, standing in the middle of the garage garden, looking at this hunk of stuff from the Peony box, trying to figure out what direction it goes. The box said it contains "2 eyes". What the hell is a Peony "eye"? I swear this garden makes me feel more stupid every day. I have no clue if I planted it right. It was very gnarly looking and no part looked like it should go in any particular direction. The entire thing looked very dry and dead. I wish I had taken a picture of it before planting. Regardless, I paid $3.50 for it! I figure, at that price, I'll do cartwheels if it grows and won't be too depressed if it doesn't.

Here's a list of the other stuff I bought and planted...

Silver Mound (i think this stuff is so cool looking and I've been really wanting to buy some.)
Yarrow -
Snap Dragon

I think I'll make another trip next weekend to see what other bargains I can find.

In other news, I THINK I FIGURED OUT HOW TO USE THE MACRO ON MY CAMERA! This makes me very happy because, not only do other gardening bloggers gardens make me drool, so does their photography. I never knew that bad ass gardeners are often bad ass photographers. When all else fails, there are always tomato blooms.



  1. "When all else fails there's always tomatoes" AMEN

    I love taking photos in the garden because not only are the pictures beautiful but there is such a potential for future happiness. Glad to hear you got the macro sorted out!

    Makes all the difference doesn't it?

  2. They should not even be selling that boxed stuff. The plants in them have almost no chance of survival. They have been in those boxes since very early spring, with no water. I would wait a few weeks, and if you don't see any signs of life, return it.