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Friday, July 13, 2007

Mindful eating: How I ate my first homegrown tomato

I've been eyeing this little guy for days. Last night I decided it was at it's peak of ready-to-eatness. And it was delicious! Even though this is a cherry tomato (Sweet 100) I found that I spent an awful lot of time analyzing the taste and texture if this one little bite. I noticed the sweet flavor and the tart flavor and the firm skin. I rarely think this much when I'm eating. I'm sure this happened because I took the time to grow it and I was trying to enjoy it for as long as possible.

It made me realize what "mindful eating" is all about. Taking the time to think about the energy that went into making our food is much easier when we grow it. But, it sure would be nice to make an effort to do this with everything we eat.


  1. arent they delicious when you grow 'em yourself? i am so glad you are experiencing all of this, i suppose because it is one of the few things that i have actually enjoyed, and really wished you would have too... and now you are...yeah!!!...of course are turning out to be quite the little gardener...and im sorta jealous..

  2. Oh you're a tease....stop it....I want a fresh tomato drooling into the keyboard (not recommended). Seriously, though, I'm delighted for you.
    I will go out and address the tomatoes in my greenhouse (it's too cool/foggy here to get tomatoes to grow properly otherwise) and plead with just one of them to ripen soon.
    Lovely post on mindful eating. Wouldn't it be great if we all thought about what we ate--every time we ate?

  3. shannon - the bad thing is that I feel horrible for all those times you tried to drag me out to see your garden and I was so unimpressed. I have seen the light!

    jodi - thanks for stopping by. I think I'll get another Sweet 100 tomorrow. Talk about tease? I need more than one of these every day!

  4. Great looking tomato! I've tried lots of cherry tomatoes over the years but Sweet 100 is our all time favorite, and now the only one I grow due to space issues.