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Thursday, July 26, 2007

Charity and Cheap Plants

After reading what David over at Leave Me Alone, I'm Digging said about the website freetreesandplants, I checked them out and decided to place an order and see what happens.

I had been planning to buy some bee balm ever since it was recommended by Tina back when I asked for suggestions on must have plants.

The way this company prices their plants is simple, which I love! 7.95 per unit, no matter what you buy. You need a tree that they have, 7.95! Looking for a shrub, 7.95! My bee balm came in what they called "2 units" for 7.95. Now these plants were tiny and I'm sure I could have found bigger ones at a big box store earlier in the season, but I've been watching for this stuff for a few weeks and it seems to be all sold at the places I've been sale shopping. Plus, it was just as big as the tiny lavender that I ordered at one popular online nursery and I paid15 bucks for 3 tiny plants.

I ordered on Friday night and received the plants on Tuesday. That's acceptable and way way faster than any other online plant order I've placed. The plants came packaged in a plastic container and the roots were in a little dirt which was wrapped in plastic. It seemed very appropriate. The plants certainly didn't look like they were thriving but I didn't expect them too since they say they "find unsold plants" and sell them. But, if they live and my 7.95 helped "earn a disabled person a paycheck" like my little thank you email said, then its all GOOD.

That's it, there in the middle of the picture. It's tiny. Grow little Bee Balm, GROW!


  1. Whoa, I wish I'd known I would have sent you a truckload of bee balm. No worries, next year that tiny plant will be a bushy paradise by june.

    I love my bee balm, but I do have to pull it out by the handfulls when it encroaches on the daylilies.

    What kind of bee balm is it anyway?

  2. What a great tip, and what a wonderful service those folks have! Thanks a million for posting this. I'm still scratching my head about what to do at the side of my house that's all in shade all the time. Hostas... hmmm... I get pets from the Humane Society (unless they just walk up and say "I'm your new cat"), and this feels like getting plants the same way! GREAT tip, thanks again.

  3. wrenna, 'Cambridge Scarlet'is the variety. Thanks for stopping by

    marion - im sure they have something at for your shady area. I'm pleased with them. Good luck and thanks for stopping by.