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Saturday, June 2, 2007

Getting closer on one bed

The roses are in! It took me about 4 hours over 2 mornings to get them all planted. I'm pretty worried about them since the roots seem too big for the holes I dug. Also, the 4 on the end are basically buried in rocks. I have no clue what previous occupants of this house had goin on in that yard but as I dug the holes I kept hitting millions of rocks. It got worse as I got closer to the basketball court. We'll see how they do. Now I just need mulch and this bed is done. Exciting!

I doubt you can see this but it looks like all my tomato plants have tiny little blooms. They look kinda raggedy, otherwise. I really need mulch for my kitchen garden, too. Mom says that this black ground cover is too hot for them. I think I'm also going to try "aspirin water" on everything - I read this in some magazine. I can't even remember what it's suppose to do...

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