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Monday, August 18, 2008

Garden Blogger's Design Workshop: Trellises and Screens

Garden Blogger's Design Workshop is a monthly event hosted by the cool kids over at Gardening Gone Wild.  They pick the design topic and we show our stuff.

August is all about Trellises and Screens and even though I don't have a bunch of them, I do have a couple to show off. 




When I started gardening last year, I was amazed at the high price of basic (some very ugly) trellises.  I paid about $13 dollars each for these cheapy ones that I hung on the back of my garage.  This is the view I see from my kitchen window and since it's such an important part of my garden, I knew I wanted something to support vines growing up my garage. 

2008_0817image0022 After paying what I considered too much for those proper trellises, I decided to start looking for materials to make my own trellis.  That's when I found this old window that had been thrown in the alley for the trash man to pick up.  I removed all the glass and now it's the backdrop for my not-yet-blooming Sweet Autumn Clematis. 


I've learned that you can use just about anything as a trellis, like the rail to the porch which I covered with Cardinal Vine.  I planted this from seed and it has gone bananas! 

I don't own any screens yet but I have a feeling after I catch up on all the awesome design entries I'll be looking for one of those next. 

Be sure to stop over at Gardening Gone Wild to check out all the other great entries for this month's Garden Blogger's Design Workshop.  It's a free easy way to get garden design ideas!


  1. Great recycling & using other things as trellises. I agree that wood trellises are too expensive, especially after I watch paper wasps chewing off bits of them.

  2. I love that reuse of the old window... has a lot more character than the store-bought ones, but then again those look good taking up a lot of space on that wall. :)

  3. I too like the look of those store-bought trellises, and I wouldn't have guessed that they were cheap from your photos. But ooh, turning that old window into a trellis was really inspired! Thanks for sharing your trellising ideas for this month's Design Workshop, Gina.

  4. I love your window trellis, Gina. All of them look great, but the window is the coolest. Love reusing, recycling. My grandparents often did that, and I try to too.~~Dee

  5. That window trellis is outstanding! Not only a super find, but such a creative use for it. Now I'm going to be looking around extra-carefully on trash day around here.


  6. My favorite is your old window trellis. It does have character. It is a great idea to look at other objects with creativity in mind. Good job.