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Saturday, May 4, 2013

On Buying Ugly Chairs Then Wanting To Run Away From Home

Please have a seat in the lobby and I'll be right with you. Oh wait, that's my living room!

Here's a design tip I learned today. If you are thinking of purchasing any piece of furniture and you find yourself sending urgent emails to decorators, posting pictures on social networks asking all your friends and family to please help you decide if you should buy it, you shouldn't buy it!

In these chairs' defense, they are in impeccable condition. The ad said they were high end chairs with high end fabric and I believe it. They seem brand new. But my God! Please send me back to earlier this morning when I saw them online and thought, hmmm...they remind me of a hotel room but then again I have no sense of style so I'm probably wrong. Or even send me back to the conversation we were having with the very lovely owners who said they used to be in the husband's office but nobody ever sat in them. I want a do-over!

This is the chair I was supposed to buy for my living room makeover. It's amazing, right? Like the designers said, it's got fantastic masculine lines, awesome nubby grey fabric and it swivels (required). But it's $900! And it would take weeks for it to arrive and I am impulsive and my family is coming over next weekend for Mother's Day and where would they sit! And on and on...

The craziest thing about it all is the way it's making me feel. I'm embarrassed that I don't have enough self control to think about a purchase for a little while, first. I feel bad that I had my husband go with me to sit in and subsequently buy these chairs then lug them home where they will sit, looking out of place, until I figure out what to do. I believe in thrifting and was so hoping to be able to decorate my living room without breaking the bank but this feels like shit. I am in an ugly chair vortex of self loathing!


  1. I feel your pain. At least you have the guts to consider/buy new furniture! I have furniture from when I was in college, it's broken, and I am scared to replace it because what if.... Ugh.

  2. I like them Gina!

    Our living room is very . . . um . . . eclectic, comprised of antiques, furniture bought new 20+ years ago, and stuff I've collected over the years. Your new chairs wouldn't fit the color or decor in our living room, but I like them very much.

    Of course what matters is that you guys like them, so my opinion's probably not much comfort.

  3. First of all, that sofa in your last post is amazing and makes up for any design misdeed you might ever make in your future. Ever. It's that's awesome. I haven't seen your room, but you can probably make these work regardless. Think pillows and throw blankets! They're nice chairs, you just need the right spot for them!