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Friday, June 4, 2010

Spin Bin Compost Tumbler Contest Winner

The winner of the Spin Bin Compost Tumbler is Mike O'Keefe of Oak Park, IL.  Mike, please email me ASAP so that I can coordinate the delivery of your new composter.  Congrats, Mike!

Mike says...

"My wood frame compost has seen it's last days. Almost all of my lawn, front and back, has been dug up and replaced with veggies and perennials and they need great soil. My family of 5 have lots of good scraps and we have been digging holes throughout our garden and filling them since the loss of our compost bin. And I live in Oak Park!"

Thank you Clean Air Gardening for donating the compost tumbler for the contest.  I'm really enjoying mine so far and I'm sure Mike will love his.  

And thank you all for participating.  I've never had anywhere close to this many comments!  It's been fun.  


  1. Congrats Mike! Can't wait to see it at work in your garden.

  2. I have received the SpinBin composter, put it together and immediately started using it. It's awesome. I don't know how to attach a picture of my vegetable garden to this comment so I will email it to Gina. Hopefully she can post it. Thanks again Gina and Clean Air Gardening.