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Friday, May 7, 2010

Community Supported Goat Share Programs

You know how they have Community Supported Agriculture programs where you can purchase a share of the produce grown on a CSA farm?  Well now you can do the same thing, but with goats!

Community Goat Share programs like the one at Prairie Fruits Farm are becoming more common.  You purchase a share of the goat, and in return you get fresh, local goat cheese.

At Prairie Fruits Farm, a full share is $200 per year and you'll get four (Spring, Summer, Fall, Winter) deliveries of fresh cheese.  If you live in the Chicago area, you can pick up your share at Green City Market.  Half shares cost $100.

It's too late to purchase shares this season but come December, be sure to check out Prairie Fruits Farm's CGS program.  I just love the caption under the cute goat on their goat share page.  "Do you want to have an intimate relationship with one of our goats and get cheese in return?"

If you know of other Goat Share programs or if you have participated in one yourself, please let me know.

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