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Monday, February 8, 2010

Cafe Ba Ba Reeba Las Vegas: The Tomato Trip

Remember that tomato contest I won back in August 2009? Well we finally took our free trip to Las Vegas. What a great time! As it turns out, gambling is way less stressful when your airfare, hotel and dinner are paid for by somebody else.

We stayed at the Paris Hotel which we found very comfortable. If you're thinking of heading to Vegas, check them out. They have a really nice spa which I spent nearly an entire day at spending all the money I'd won playing blackjack the first two nights. Did you know that you can buy a little Black Jack card to tell you exactly what to play no matter what your hand is? Thanks for that info, Dad!

The weather in Vegas was not hot but I didn't need a coat and that's about all I needed considering the cold temperatures and snow we've had in Chicago this winter. And I even saw Snapdragons growing on the strip!

The Show Me Your Tomatoes contest was hosted Cafe Ba Ba Reeba, a great tapas restaurant with locations in Chicago and in Las Vegas. The last night we were there, we headed down to Cafe Ba Ba Vegas which is located across from the Wynn hotel on the strip. We felt like rock stars because the folks at Lettuce Entertain You made our reservations for us - we just had to show up. My husband had never eaten tapas and since we're both rather picky, I was concerned about being able to find dishes we'd enjoy. We ordered nearly every non-meat item on the menu. And it was all amazing! Our two favorites were the Walnut Date salad and the Caramel Crunch desert.

After dinner, the manager, Michael (whom we'd never met), walked up to our table and said to my husband "So, are you the guy who was mad and freezing cold at the contest?" He had obviously read my blog which really caught me off guard. Michael and our waitress Kate (sorry for the bad quality picture) talked to us for while before we left and we found them to be extremely warm and friendly. Friendly, and good food. Score!

Thank you Cafe Ba Ba Reeba for hosting this contest and for the free trip to Vegas. I'll definitely be back this summer with my tasty tomatoes!


  1. Sounds like a very nice trip Gina, especially being able to get away from frigid Chicago. Congratulations again on winning the contest. Glad you and your husband had a good time!

  2. Now I'm really mad you decided to take your husband, who like lives with you and who you see all the time, instead of me.

    Oh well, at least someone was warm and having fun while I was freezing my arse off in Chicago.

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