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Saturday, October 24, 2009

Botanical Interests iPhone App Review

When I bought my first iPhone a few months ago, one thing I did right away was look for cool garden related iPhone apps. I was disappointed with the options, so I was excited to learn that Botanical Interests, one of my favorite seed companies, had released an app a couple of weeks ago.

The short version is I love it. It's totally worth $5.99 and you should go out and get it real soon.

When you launch the app you are presented with options to:
  1. Browse seeds by Vegetable/Her Categories
  2. Search for seeds based on sun requirements. You can even limit to Heirloom or Organic seeds, warm versus cool season, perennials etc...
  3. See your lists of Favorite seeds
  4. Get Tips and Information about growing particular vegetables, attracting bees and seed starting. I learned the history of tomatoes from this app!
Each seed variety you find in the app has all the information you'd find on the Botanical Interests website including the image on the actual seed packet, time to maturity, growing needs and how and when to start the seeds. I really love that this company is committed to educating gardeners. As one of the owners pointed out on a YouTube video tour of their facility, not all of us were taught to garden by our grandmothers and mothers.

Stuff I loved about the app
  • Very user friendly.
  • Very informative - this thing could be your one resource for seed starting, I think.
  • Because I can essentially seed shop from my phone, I'm much more likely to buy from Botanical Interests. I love seed catalogs as much as the next person, but they are bulky which can be limiting.
  • I'm thrilled that this company recognizes that many gardeners are young and hip. We want to garden like it's 2009 and making seed shopping available on our fun gadgets helps us do that.
  • The direct email and phone links to Botanical Interests are cool too.

Stuff I like to see them add to the app
  • I want to be able to order directly from my phone.
  • Flowers! The app is limited vegetables and herbs so far. I hope they expand this to include their entire seed collection.
  • Seed tracking. I'd love to be able to find my seeds on this app, buy them from the app, then load in the date that I planted them and get some sort of progress report along the way of what my seeds ought to be doing according to my zone. I believe that this sort of addition would make people buy this app, even if they never bought a single seed from Botanical Interests.
Botanical Interests iPhone app is super educational and user friendly. And if you like seed starting, I'd bet you have thought the same thoughts that I have before. If I wouldn't look like a crazy person, I'd carry all my seed packets around with me at all times. This iPhone app sort of makes that possible.


  1. Unfortunately Apple wont let iPhone apps facilitate the purchase of things that are not delivered to the phone itself (eg: material goods like seeds). I'll have to go check out the app. I too was disappointed with what was available a few months ago in the gardening section.

  2. I just downloaded that app last week. It is very cool. What they've done is re-purpose their beautiful seed packets for this app. Very smart. We're thinking of developing something like that at our company -- Johnny's Selected Seeds.

  3. YEah! Two of my favorite things:
    gardening and my iphone!
    like two great friends getting married.

  4. p.s. I love Johnny's Selected Seeds!

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  6. I'd love to see more iphone apps targeted at people who are into organic foods. It seems like there's more than enough of every other type of app!