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Sunday, May 24, 2009

Coveting "The Good Life"

I was reading one of my favorite garden blogs (In the Garden Online) this morning where Colleen was lamenting about how she's so ahead of the game that she's able to just sit back and wait to start gathering food from her garden. While I read her list I realized that it mirrors the same list of things I've been agonizing over.
  1. This Spirea (pictured right) has the most beautiful little white blooms with a tiny yellow center. I'm likely getting rid of it in a couple of weeks and every day I've stared at it it from my kitchen window thinking I should cut some of the flowers to bring inside. Haven't done it!
  2. I've had these lettuce and mustard green plants (pictured below ) in these little cups where they were grown from seed for several weeks waiting to be planted.
  3. Mint tea - I'm scared to grow mint on the count of I planted one little ole mint plant years ago at a house I was renting from my grandmother and it took over. To this day when you walk in the back door of that old house, the smell of mint is intoxicating. No-thank-you to invasives!
  4. When I step outside I see no thriving eco-system. I just see all the un-done work. The "eco-system" is hanging out in my neighbor's yard (she's a teacher and off for the summer and way ahead of me on gardening) waiting for me to get my act together.
  5. My plots are not planted. In fact, my plots are not even built yet! I've got one table full of veggies waiting and a million empty pots that need to be planted. (The sky is falling - the sky is falling!)
This year's garden has really taken a backseat to the other stuff in my personal life. Between the weddings and swine flu's and budget's and community garden fundraising... I either need a time machine, or a bunch of spare gardeners or I may not get to see my kitchen window lined with tomatoes this summer.

Are you on schedule? God knows I hope I'm not the only one...


  1. oh my god, I'm sooo glad I'm not the only one who's so far behind. Even DH has been asking when I'm going to actually plant something. (sigh) I planted 4 tomatoes in earth buckets and am putting off digging up the yard because it's not simple grass that I have to deal with. I have to dig up years of established and invasive sunchokes. Oh how I wish for a magic wand.

    Can't wait to see more photos of your efforts. They keep me going. Which is a polite way of saying, if you don't post anymore photos, I quit. ;-]

  2. Ha! I'm not all that ahead---I should take few photos of the back yard to show just how behind I am!

    I think it's a "glass half full" type of thing. I still have onion sets to plant, seedlings to get in the ground, weeding and mowing to do, and general "stuff" that needs to be attended to. But if I focus on all that stuff, then I'm missing the point of why I wanted a garden in the first place--to be able to relax a little and enjoy both the process and the fruits of my labor.

  3. Mint does well in a nice big pot and I'll give you some of mine if you want.

    Weeds are just plants you don't want. Then you pull them out and burn the hell our of them and dance on the ashes!


  4. Well behind schedule but then schedules are meant to be flexible aren't they? Looking forward to CSF and meeting all!

  5. If you find either a time machine or a cadre of willing garden assistants, can you please send them my way once you're all planted up? :(

    (Oh, and a willing blogging assistant would be great, too. You know, someone who will actually type what I'm thinking I want to post, put the photos in, and all that... so that something will actually show up on my website every now and again?)


  6. I grow my mint in a pot for just that reason. You don't need a particularly large one either. I'm not behind in the garden, but I am very behind on housework, vounteer work, and plain old work work.