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Thursday, November 6, 2008

Temporary Housing

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Sorry about the bad quality of these pictures. 

Above on the left is the little Tamarisk that I ordered from EBay and received back in March.  On the left is the Purple Smoke Bush, also ordered from EBay.

These little twigs sat in pots on my patio all summer long because I never decided where they should be planted.  The twin to this Purple Smoke Bush died on that patio.  (RIP, Smoke Bush!)

My indecisiveness gets on my nerves!


Since I had an opening in the rose garden because of the 4 Pink Simplicity Rose bushes that didn't make it through last winter, I decided to plant them there, just until next year when I really must decide where they should go.  Otherwise, can you picture what a big Tamarisk and a big Smoke Bush would look like there in that narrow 2 foot bed?  YIKES!


  1. Just call it the holding bed! That's what I refer to my summer purchases as! They are bought on a whim or on sale and sit the hot summer out waiting for the fall planting.

    Welcome to Gina's garden...Smoke bush and Tamarisk, may you live long and prosper.


  2. Hi Gina,

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  3. Not to worry...they will be safer overwintering in the ground.

  4. Don't feel bad about not getting them into the ground til now. I had an Oakleaf Hydrangea & a Wisteria in pots all summer too. Next time that happens, what you should do is move them up to larger pots while you're trying to decide where to put them. I did that & got the most beautiful root system I've ever planted.

  5. I know how you feel---I had stuff sitting in pots all summer that I still haven't managed to plant. I better get them in ASAP. We already had our first snow!

    My wintersowing containers are just a joke. I had milk jugs full of stuff sitting around until July. And then everything died because they dried out.

    So--you are not alone! :-)

  6. sounds SO familiar Gina! Finally last week I got some baby shrubs I'd collected over the summer into the ground. A few of them, hastily planted, will need to be moved in the spring.

  7. You're still gardening in Nov?? You go! And I had no idea there were plants to be bought on eBay??

  8. Oh you should see the plants I have in pots. I have 6 peonies that have been pots for two years now. The poor things!! Maybe next year will be their year?

  9. Okay, I thought I was a posting slacker. Where are you?