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Tuesday, September 9, 2008

It's Brag About Your Blog Day At MSG!

bragging One of my favorite blogs to read is Pro Blogger. Last month Darren wrote a post that I really loved where he encouraged everybody to write a comment to brag about your blog. There are so many great blogs out there but sometimes they are hard to find.

So, today I'm asking you to use my blog to brag about your blog! Leave a comment with the link to your blog(s) and tell us what your blog is about. You can even leave your Twitter and/or Plurk name if you would like some new friends on those applications. This is not limited to gardening blogs!

Also, please take the time to go over and visit some of the blogs listed in the comment section. You may find a new one that you love to read.

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  1. I write a couple of different blogs. My personal blog is called Squirrel Chatter - and it about my everyday musings whether its about my experiences living green, riding the bus, gardening, cooking or going to events in my area.

    Then there's my Birds and the Bees blog I wrote when I was planning my friend's baby shower - all about different shower ideas and gift ideas.

    And my most recent endeavor is my daily design inspiration blog - Confessions of a Design Junkie...whatever I come across that catches my eye in regards to design I share and keep record of in that blog.

    What a great idea - bragging about our blogs - LOVE IT! I may have to do something similar on my mine to get to know my readers!

  2. Blog brag blather? I'm in!

    I'm fortunate that I am president of the largest garden tour in the country - Garden Walk Buffalo - with more than 300 creative urban gardens I can visit and report on. I also live in the middle of a park, parkway and traffic circle system laid out by Frederic Law Olmsted, with a few Frank Lloyd Wright homes thrown in the mix.

    I'm also fortunate in that I travel often and visit gardens wherever I go, with an emphasis on artists gardens - I have posts on the gardens of Da Vinci, Monet, and photos of the actual landscapes painted by Van Gogh and Sissley. Upcoming, I have the gardens of Rembrandt and Ruebens to post on. I also have posts on gardens of the Chateaus of the Loire Valley, Provence, Disney, Italy, England, Scotland and more.

    I take much of what I see & learn at these gardens and try to recreate them in my own garden - and post on that too.

    Visit for ideas & inspiration.

  3. Hi There ! What a nice idea : )
    My blog is mainly about my garden and of course my cats. So it is a very low keyed easy going .. sometimes silly blog.
    I have lived all over Canada and parts of Europe. I'm very fortunate to has seen many amazing gardens there. Now that we have our own home and I have turned my hand to creating my own little piece of Eden .. I'm totally in love with plants and try to squeeze as many different ones that I can in my modest areas. So visit my "zoo" if you have a few moments just to relax ? ... Thanks !

  4. Mine started as a garden blog. I even reported the weather. It was like a private journal of my effort to grow more of my own vegetables and cooking herbs. I didn't plan for other people to read it.

    Then I started feeling like I needed to do more than just garden. The economy is scary; the price of everything is up, and our income is down. I started reading slow cooking and food security blogs, and slowly my blog started being public. It now tends to be more about my efforts to be better prepared for bumpy times. It's about me learning to can and bake bread. About struggling to break our addition to the clothes dryer. About building a food pantry that could feed us through hard times. About eating more local food, and figuring out how to replace packaged food with homemade.

    And mostly about finding the time, energy, and money to do all that crap, while trying not to look like a nutcase in front of my kids.

    My blog makes it safe to make changes in *your* life, because you can watch me screw up as I try to change *mine.*

    Blog Brag Day - yay! Looking forward to finding new blogs to read.

  5. hi! i found your blog as i was looking for the latin name for cardinal vine. (your picture of cardinal vine showed up in the search.) now i realize i probably have cypress vine, anyway. apparently the distinction is vague sometimes due to cross pollination.

    my blog is just getting and comments appreciated!

  6. You might know me for my gardening blog, May Dreams Gardens, but did you also know I have a blog with my grandmother's diaries from 1925 - 1927, a time when she had five young children at home, pre-Depression days, it was the roaring twenties! Check it out at And then there is my site as the Indianapolis Gardening Examiner.

  7. What a nice idea! I write a buzz blog for Prevention on health, fitness and nutrition topics at
    (most recently a mini apple pie recipe - yum!

    I also am a Martha and Oprah junkie, and blog about them both at

    I'm looking forward to checking out the other blogs mentioned here!

  8. I'm not one to brag, Gina, you know how shy and retiring I am :-), but I think it's great that in my first year of blogging I was selected as a Google Blog of Note and as a result I've had over 100,000 visitors to my site.

    I wish I had more time to devote to my blog but the good weather in Chicago finds me out scheming and planting other people's gardens.

    My blog is about home, garden and art and whatever else crosses my fertile mind.

    Thanks for sponsoring this event.

  9. I post a daily photograph on my blog, usually a plant or a bug from my garden, paired with a quote for inspiration. I try to encourage people to look for the miracles in the everyday and in the all-around-you. Everything is fascinating and perfect in its own way.

    I also like to talk about going green, gentle and creative parenting, frugality, and learning to cook. Lately people have been nice enough to compliment my photography; not to brag or anything, but I DO think I'm getting better!

  10. Hey there,

    I blog when I can, about what I am doing, and the trivial events that happen. I love to garden, I am in school for environmental design which offers a plethora of rants, and my family is also a stock pile of laughs...
    I love to connect with people but live in the midwest and people here are not as open to public displays of affection, so I get it from the internet...

    Thanks My Skinny Garden for this opportunity to reach out to fellow bloggers!


  11. I just started a new blog, A Photographer's Garden so I could showcase my photography and write about more topics than just gardening. My first blog, A Gardening Year will stay up, but not be updated. I'm trying to get back to posting recipes more regularly on my team cooking blog The Wooden Spoon.

  12. Hello,

    I'm Cazaux's Food Factory.

    I'm a first year allotment blogger.

    I have been working double time on my plot which I picked up in May to get something out of it in the first year.

    Been digging, building, planting ang pulling.



  13. Hi Gina! I write a blog called Our Little Acre, and I'm located in Zone 5b in northwest Ohio. I've been seriously gardening for three years now, blogging for nearly two, and I write about my experiences in the garden, the garden tours my mom and I take from time to time, butterflies, insects, birds, and of course, our family of cats!

    Never a dull moment!

  14. Dee/reddirtramblingsSeptember 11, 2008 at 11:50 AM

    Gina, thank you for this. It was very nice of you. May I say I'm consistently amazed at the creative juices floating throughout the blogosphere.

    My blog is I write about gardening, eating gf/cf and motherhood in Oklahoma.

    Oh, and I'm also the new Oklahoma Garden Examiner at That's the newest post anyway.~~Dee

  15. I just started - started posting on it, rather - my own garden blog: I am also a fairly new gardener who is mostly just trying to take notes I can learn from but would also love advice. ;) And I'll post some pictures of my own pink zinnia soon - it looks just like yours!

  16. I've been gardening in one form or another since I was big enough to pick up a hand trowel. When I'm not gardening, I'm thinking about gardening or reading about gardening (that's how I ran across your blog today). Now I get to write about gardening!

    This is my first time using the square foot raised bed method to grow vegetables (organically, thank you very much) and my first year making and using compost instead of commercial fertilzers, with pretty good results.

    Between work, family and OPP (other people's problems) life can be stressful. Gardening is my chill pill, and my blog is all about my little oasis in the city of Chicago.

    I'm always interested to know other folks' secrets weapons for getting great results in their gardens, so feel free to pass on any tips and hints.

  17. Hmmm. What a lovely idea Gina, maybe it will help me get reinspired/remotivated as I feel more like a human being again.
    I've been doing bloomingwriter for nearly three years, writing out of Nova Scotia at This summer has been a bust for me both garden wise and blogging wise because I've been sick a lot and not so inspired as usual--and even too tired a lot of the time to read other people's blogs. But I'm hoping things are going to improve this autumn. I've missed you all.
    And Gina, I actually landed in Chicago on my way home from Kansas City. I didn't get any further than O'Hare, of course, but I spent three hours there while changing planes and it was a great experience, and it was way cool to fly over your city. Next year, I hope to visit the city in earnest!

  18. My blog does not have to do with gardening per se - but my latest entry is about grass - and a flower :-) I am
    I invite your comments - regards - archita