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Sunday, July 20, 2008

Harvesting Bush Beans

Behold the first beans I've ever grown in my life!  These are bush beans, one of the 2 new things I'm trying for the Growing Challenge.2008_0720image0002

You may remember that I mistakenly started these indoors in a coconut fiber pellet way too early and they quickly got out of hand and had to be transplanted to the compost bin.  It was definitely a failure but not without a lesson learned.  I finally understand Jack and the Beanstalk

After that, I waited a while then poked a few beans down in the dirt in my raised veggie beds and since then I've basically been ignoring them.  These things were so easy to grow and I definitely recommend them for any new gardeners.  Just like the name says, they grow on a bush-like plant.  They were really easy to harvest and produced a lot of beans.  2008_0716image0045 Here's what they look like still on the plant. 

One strange thing, they are sort of fuzzy.  The beans I mean.  This has got me wondering if these beans will taste good or if, God forbid, there is something I'm supposed to do to get the fuzz off the beans before I cook them.  I've got some research to do! 

You can read all about my green bean endeavors here

So, what's your favorite way to cook fresh bush beans, readers?


  1. Just wash the beans off and the fuzz will disappear. I also eat them straight off the plant, in the garden, raw. Quite tasty.

    I like to cook mine with some onions, sometimes with red potatoes.

    Enjoy your harvest, you've earned it.

  2. I agree, the fuzz is weird. But it does go away with washing.

    We saute ours with onion and garlic. We have so many green beans that I am considering freezing them. I like green beans, but maybe not for brakfast, lunch and dinner.

    Friends have recommended pickling them, but I don't think I'm up to that yet.

  3. Good job on the beans. They are so robust, however, that there is no need to start them indoors. In fact, I have found stray beans growing in the lawn where I dropped them one time!

    Gardening Examiner

  4. mine were kinda fuzzy too... i dunno what that is but it didn't seem to be too much of a problem.. just washed them off. I agree.. beans were SO easy! I still have some baby beans on my plant so I'm hoping to get another harvest out of them pretty soon.

  5. My beans seem to be struggling. Yours look great.