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Monday, June 30, 2008

It's Me Or The Yarrow!

2008_0628image0012Last year when I was buying every cheap plant I could get my hands on, I purchased a sickly looking yellow Yarrow plant for 75% off.  I think I had seen a photo of some Yarrow and I thought it looked cool.  I'm pretty sure I either did not look at the mature height of this plant or else I have no concept of height and need to repeat elementary school. 

Last year it never bloomed and really never grew at all.  So this year I was all geeked out when it showed back up in the same spot where I'd planted it last year.  So then it grew and grew until it just looks plain 2008_0628image0013stupid next to the other stuff around it.  

Well, the Yarrow cannot live at my house.  It's not so much the height (I could move it to a more appropriate spot in the back of the bed) but the width is ridiculous.  And according to you experts, it's just gonna get worse. 

Anybody got a big vast prairie they are trying to fill up?  I've got just the plant for you!


  1. I planted a red yarrow last year, but it isn't growing at all and this year it's not even blooming. I would love to have a big one like you do.

  2. The quart-size yarrow I planted last year is more than 3' high and more than 4' wide until I trimmed it. They do get huge. But I have mine between some similar-sized salvia and some uninspiring hosta. I like that look and I am really liking the long bloom longevity.

    I am sure you can find someone with an herb garden or a most cottage-style look that would love your transplant.

    Bek, my reddish "Terra Cotta" yarrow didn't do much this year, when my yellow ones in two spots came back like gangbusters. Maybe the traditional varieties are more robust.

  3. I got lucky and planted my Yarrow in a spot that was naturally limiting. It's sharing the small circular, stone edged bed with two bushes who are fighting it out. Between the three of them, they keep each other under control.

  4. bek - i wish you were in my area because i'd surely give you this one. I planted a red one last year too but it died, thank goodness!

    matriarchy - i really do love the flowers and i even like the foliage but it's just so big! i'm sure this thing would look so much better if it was moved away from that shrub a little.

    nancy - maybe i need to look for that kind of spot for this. thanks for the suggestion!

  5. I've made the same mistake with seedling plants. Bachelor buttons for example are quite tall and weedy and look stupid next to my dwarf dahlias. I feel your frustration, maybe you could post something on craigslist or freecycle.