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Monday, June 9, 2008

Growing Challenge Update: Beans, Zucchini, Cucumber

2008_0608image0002This is the yellow zucchini which is growing nicely so far.  I'm pretty sure I have these too close together.


2008_0608image0005This is the cucumber lemon that I am growing because the great people over at Baker Creek sent me some free seeds with my last order.  I have no clue what these are or what they'll taste like but I'm pretty excited!


2008_0608image0004Bush beans today.  It's growing like crazy.  Are those holes from a bug or is that normal wear and tear?

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  1. I do think the zucchinis are planted too close together. I only grow one plant for our family, because they are so prolific. You can only eat so much zucchini bread. One easily fills a 3-4' space with big prickly leaves and big squash blossoms. Check under those leaves, so you don't miss a hidden 2' zucchini.

    I meant to get some lemon cokes, and forgot. Someone gave me great refrigerator pickles made of lemon cucumber slices last year. They are about the size of a baseball. Enjoy!

  2. Amazing how quickly these things grow! they look promising!

  3. Everything looks great in your garden! You might watch the beans, though. I get the same holes in mine, and it's a bug, and you'll need some dust for them. (Sevin Dust or something like it) Good luck!

  4. Lemon cucumbers are great...I usually get a good supple from a friend who always grows them.

  5. Yup, the zucchini's ARE too close! They need to be about 3 ft apart... they get VERY big!

  6. If you just have the two zucchini plants, I would leave them. I often plant 2 seeds next to each other. If you have good soil, it should be okay.

    Lemon cukes are great, I've grown them for years. I like the fact that they come on later, when some of the other cucumbers are waning.

  7. Thanks for the info, everybody! I'm glad to hear that the lemon cucumbers are so good. Now, I'm excited!