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Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Another Day, Another Broccoli Raab Post

I harvested the Broccoli Raab this morning before work. Apparently you can eat the heads, the leaves and the flowers. I decided to use it to make a simple pasta dish. I sauteed onion, garlic, mushrooms and crushed red pepper in olive oil then added the green stuff. I dumped it over some cooked Penne pasta. It tastes pretty darn good!

The problem is that the Rapini shrinks a lot and I really needed about 4 times as much as I had.
Anybody wanna come over for pasta?


  1. YUM! Yes, please! :)

    That sounds even better than my simple garlic/olive oil saute. What kind of mushrooms did you use?

  2. Looks yummy!!!! I wanna some pasta!!! I also saw your other blog which lead me to this one. Way to go!!

  3. kim - i don't know my mushrooms very well but they looked like those baby portabello ones?

    jonna - thanks for visiting my blog!

  4. My family loves rapini (we're italian). Now I'll have to start growing it -- your veggie gardening has really developed since last year, it's so impressive. I wish I had more time!

  5. That's some fine looking pasta! Isn't it fun to cook with stuff you've just brought in from the garden? I have to start harvesting my Spinach in a Pot if the rain ever lets up.

  6. I can see you are already hooked on vegetable gardening! ;-)
    It looks great in the bowl and also in your dish.