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Sunday, April 13, 2008

Winter Sowing Update

Check out this Poppy! By far it seems like the Poppy (excluding the Himalayan Blue aka "Holy Grail" according to Kylee) and the Aster are doing better than anything else. I WS'd several varieties of Poppy back in January and several varieties of Aster in March.
This is the Verbena that GB gave me. This is more Poppy with 2 different mystery plants. I'm not sure what the heck these 2 bonus seedlings are.

Here's a full list of what is growing so far.

Sweet William
Shasta Daisy
Rudbeckia Goldilocks
Unknown 1
Unknown 2
Unknown 3

That's right, the damn ink has worn off the milk jugs and now I've got lord knows what growing. How in the heck am I suppose to find the perfect spot when I don't have a clue what the heck is growing?

Winter Sowing lesson learned: The ink will not stay on your jugs - use something more permanent!

Can somebody please tell me what this awesome low growing blue flower is? It is beautiful and I want a lot of it for my own yard but couldnt bring myself to knock on the person's door to ask what it is. I noticed that it seems to be creeping from this yard over to the neighbor's yard so whatever it is I'm assuming it spreads a lot.


  1. Perhaps you could make a crude map over your area with names and all, laminate it and put it in one of the jugs?

    The flowers could be some kind of scilla ( They behave like that in Sweden at least.

  2. Oh, Gina...I am sooo jealous! I don't have squat germinating in my WS containers yet.
    For marking - try using regular pencil on pieces of old mini-blinds. You know, those fake plasticy ones? You can just break them into shorter pieces, write on them and stick them right inside the jugs. The pencil never wears off, and they stay inside the jugs and don't get blown away.

    You can try this site to try and identify your mystery seedlings: The Seed Site

    You are gonna have so many plants you're not going to know what to do with them all - it's a good thing! lol.

  3. Hi Gina - Your WS is looking great. Unfortunately, mine aren't doing so well. I used the yougart and cottage cheese containers with plastic over the top of each. I poked holes in the bottoms with a knife and I think I should have used something that wouldn't close back up, sort of. Anyway, lots of my containers are filled with water that isn't draining!! Ugh.
    Live and learn. Yes, I think the blue flowers are scilla. They are cheap little bulbs that seed all over the place once you have them. Very cool! Look for them in the fall and plant a bunch - you won't be sorry.

  4. I have my first WS sprouts! And there is still over 2 feet of snow on the ground here. They're in the sunny corner of my yard.

    This is my first year trying WS and so far, I'm thinking this is a pretty amazing idea.

  5. Heather's GardenApril 13, 2008 at 5:38 PM

    Could you take a closer photo of the flowers? It's pretty tough to tell what they are from that far away. Good job on your seedlings. I haven't planted a single seed yet.

  6. Grab your courage, and run for the door! Most people would be more than happy to give you a start. It was hard for me at first to go up to a strangers door, than I realized some of these people are just happy to get a little of what they consider a 'weed' growing in their yard out!!

  7. RG - thanks for stopping by. and thanks for the scilla tip - i think that's them!

    tina - thanks for the seed site - i'll check it out. plus tomorrow i'd better get my butt out there and relabel the ones that I can still read or i'll be in a worse mess.

    alyssa - i think you can still sow annuals - i have another stack that i'm planning to do this week using more milk jugs.

    A - thats great! congrats!

    Heather - what if i get arrested?

    Christine - you are probably right but what if it's a mean ole lady? or worse, a mean ole man?

  8. If your too embarrased to go up to the door, you could always go up to the door under a false pretense like: "Excuse me, I think me cat just ran into your yard and under those blue flowers, BTW, what are they?" Or "My husband's allergies are acting up and we're trying to figure out what's causing it. What's that blue flower in your front yard?" Or "Hi, I'm your neighbor and that blue flower is encrouching on my property! What is it?"
    Go forth and learn the name.

  9. The scilla and chionodoxa are both blooming like mad in Oak Park, so I'm guessing it's one of those two. It's certainly livening up my front yard!

  10. Gina, Your winter sown babies are looking great! Too bad, but you are now addicted to winter sowing. Sorry for not warning you. :-)

  11. I've been pulling up thousands of volunteer Moss Verbena from my garden all spring. It's amazing since my garden has only granite groundcover, and the verbena is growing where there's no water. I suppose I could have waited until summer and let the sun burn it off! All this because I had two verbena plants.