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Saturday, March 15, 2008

It's Our Civic Garden Blogging Duty

It's time to nominate your favorite garden blogs!
Most of you have participated in the "Mousies" in previous years, but I haven't, so please allow me a second to ramble on about how excited I am.

The Mouse & Trowel awards are a way for us to nominate our favorite blogs in a bunch of great categories. Though the garden blogging community has a lot in common (gardening, of course) I'm always surprised to find how diverse a group we really are. I know I have different taste in blogs than lots of people do. For example, I tend to gravitate toward blogs that have more of a technical gardening focus than an aesthetic one. What I mean by technical is the "how-to" blogs. The ones that tell me how to do stuff, grow stuff, improve stuff, build stuff, not kill stuff. Now don't get me wrong, I love those "look how beautiful I am" blogs too, but they are not really the ones I spend the most time with. Maybe this is the natural progression of gardening, to learn everything you can, then appreciate the beauty. Nevertheless, it's where I am in my gardening life cycle and there are certainly plenty of blogs out there for me AND those of you who are in it for the beauty of it all.

So, with the Mousies, I have an opportunity to nominate MY favorite blogs which sorta feels like voting for president, only I KNOW my vote will count! Kidding ;)

I'd also like to send a special thanks to Colleen for taking the time to organize the Mouse & Trowel awards. I think it's great that she takes the time out of her busy pregnant life to organize this for us. I'm personally geeked out about the whole thing. Here's how much of a nerd I am - I actually waited till midnight last night just to see if there'd be a big announcement about it. I know - I need therapy.

In closing I'd like to say - GET YOUR ASS OVER THERE AND NOMINATE YOUR FAVORITE BLOGS! Remember, your vote counts!


  1. Gina--
    You're awesome :-) Thanks so much for the post, and for your enthusiasm! I'm always amazed at how many garden blogs get nominated that I was unfamiliar with. My blog reading definitely increases at this time of year!

    Thanks again!

  2. Gina: Loved catching up on your posts, Muir Woods is gorgeous, hope your hips are better and thanks for the SF Flower Show! Nice photos!

  3. Thanks for the reminder. I've been waiting for the day to come and then got so busy I forgot all about it. I'm heading over there right now.

  4. I'm thinking over my nominations. But never fear, I'll submit some of my favorites. After all, it is my civic duty!

    Carol, May Dreams Gardens

  5. You know what my problem is, Gina? There are SO many great blogs that I love, and I want them all to win. I may have to get my longsuffering spouse to use HIS address to nominate a second batch of them!