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Thursday, March 20, 2008

CFGS Part 3: Did I Just Say "Tablecape"?

For some reason I hate that word "tablescape". I think it's because, before this garden show, the only time I'd ever heard the word was when it was used by a particular (annoying) lady on the food network who likes to end meal fixing with a big cornily decorated dinner table. Unfortunately, the "tablescapes" were about the prettiest thing at the Chicagoland Flower & Garden show. I liked the table above only because I'm a sucker for anything with beads and this one had some. It was also one of the few tables that seemed like you could actually eat at it, which seems like it outta be important. I mean who dresses up a table just to dress up a table?
For some reason groupings of orange, yellow and brown always remind me of a horn-of-plenty. I told GB this and she looked at me like I had 3 heads. This table had a rotating 3-sided fairy. That's reasonable for a dinner table!

This table was very cool and put together by my favorite grocery store on the planet (that I know of), Whole Foods. The thing is that it was in the middle of a pond and there was water running down the sides of the table - see the plastic cover? "Dinner is at 7 - wear your wet suit."

1st day of spring - there's a strong possibility that I may have spotted something green in the area where I planted bulbs when I looked this morning.


  1. You are too funny. There doesn't seem to be enough room on any of those tables for a dinner plate!

    It doesn't look like they were big on very much usable advice this year. More like a fashion show for flowers. That's really a shame because in other years I've gone, I really learned a lot.
    Oh well....

    We are getting buried in snow today, not much spring here to check for green coming up.

  2. And how is one supposed to carry on a conversation across those tables? You wouldn't even know to whom you were speaking. I'm guess I'm just to practical to want that.