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Saturday, October 6, 2007

Sale On Mostly Dead Shrubs

Ever since I was told by almost every single person who reads my blog that I need taller shrubs or grasses in my backyard beds, I've been thinking of what I should plant back there.

Today I popped in my neighborhood landscape/garden center to see if they had any great sales. Most stuff was about 25% off. The old guy who works there said I should go to the back to check out the 10 dollar sale. They had a whole section of shrubs regularly priced around $40 for 10 dollars each. I saw 3 hydrangeas back there and a bunch of other crap that I've never heard of. Limelight, PeeGee and Tardiva only identifiable by their tags all looked pretty dead to me. The old garden center guy assured me that, since they had some new growth, they'd be okay next year. 2 of the 3 were very nice sized plants.

What do you think? Is it worth it to buy 3 mostly dead Hydrangeas for 10 dollars each? I'm thinking of going back tomorrow unless somebody talks me out of it.


  1. Yes sir ree, Gina ! Buy the "Limelight " hydrangeas. They're great, even though they don't look like much right now. I planted one last year and it looked like a little pathetic stick. This year - WOW ! It has been in bloom since July.

  2. carolyn - i was so hoping you'd stop by to help me out! Thanks. I'll pick that up tomorrow. What do you think of the Tandiva and PeeGee that they also had for 10 each?

  3. Scratch the bark on the scrubs with your fingernail, just enough to scrape away a little of the outer bark. If you see green, the plant should be fine; also check for next year's buds and see that they're firm, not spongy or dry. Limelight IS a fantastic hydrangea--superior to many others I've tried--and it's a PeeGee type. Tardiva is also a PeeGee but I haven't grown it. Get them into the ground and make sure you keep them well watered until a hard freeze . Remember: water well, not often--a thorough soaking once a week should be sufficient, although I'm not real sure about your climate. Carolyn Gail would know better about that. And good luck--they should be fine. (and you might talk the nursery guy down further, because those plants probably WILL die if left in containers a whole lot longer....)