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Tuesday, October 23, 2007

It Is ON!!

The magic dirt maker arrived!

It's the Envirocycle compost tumbler and I love it already! I can't wait to take it outside and start throwing stuff it in! It's so easy to turn and its green. The instructions don't really say how long it should take to finish but I'll keep you posted.

Compost - here I come!


  1. OooOooOh I'm jealous! Your compost will be done in like 1/32nd the time it takes mine.

  2. Your composter is neat. I like the color too - it should blend in well in your yard. Now you are officially a Great Gardener!!

  3. I have the same composter in black, Gina.

    Sure it's easy to turn since it's empty but just wait until you fill it up with stuff. You'll need some muscles. Are you composting kitchen waste as well ? Better do some research on the internet about the different methods because that's what determines how long the process takes.

    One tip I have is to cover it with plastic when it rains because excess water can get in it and make it soggy. Good luck !

  4. Marion in SavannahOctober 24, 2007 at 2:24 PM

    I've noticed that with mine it depends on the temperature (not surprising...), being much faster in the summer. Although it still worked during the mild winter we have here. My biggest suggestion would be to really crunch up egg shells if you're going to compost them if you object to seeing small bits of shell in the finished compost. I don't care, but it does look a bit odd.

    Carolyn Gail is right about the weight when it's loaded, but the "furrows" make it easy to get a grip on it and even with my arthritic hands I can turn mine.

    You are going to LOVE it!!!

  5. Yikes! Now I have composter envy to add to my pecan envy (see Annie in Austin) and assorted other envies. Must look into getting this too....

  6. Hi, I'm a Chicago gardener but I have been here forever.
    Good luck with your composter. Please show us pictures once in awhile so we can see whats happening.
    Tumblers work best if they can not tangle so chop pieces well. We have found that a hedge clipper works very well as a garden debris clipper. You can reach right into the pile and snip snip snip.Shredded newspaper is a good brown/carbon if your needing extra.
    Coffee grounds work as a green/slow release nitrogen. Not as quick as grass but much longer lasting.
    Well that is probably more information than you needed but sometimes I can not help myself.

  7. katie - i got some CF bulbs!

    alyssa - thanks!

    carolyn - i dont see how the water can get in.

    marion - thanks for the tip!

    rosemarie - HI!

    jodi - do you have one?

    gloria - thanks for stopping by my blog and thanks for the tip! I just picked up a 5 pound bag of coffee grounds for my azaleas last week. I think i'll get more for the new composter

  8. Actually, Gina, one of these composters is now on its way to me; I'm going to test it against my heap, against a different composter I have, and one I'm going to get from Lee Valley, and write an article about them in spring in the provincial paper or one of my other markets. So I'm quite excited! Mine should be here within the week--the company is from Quebec, and very nice people to deal with.

  9. jodi - thats awesome! we can compare notes! be sure to pass along anything you learn about this thing that might be helpful. i have no clue what i'm doing and this is my first real composter so i can use all the help i can get. good luck!