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Sunday, September 30, 2007

Saving Seeds On Sunday

I'm pretty sure I spent several hours today sifting through flower debris trying to find seeds. Thank God for MBT who is great about putting his "when I collect seeds" posts up. Otherwise, I'd be planting trash next spring.
I have about four thousand Zinnias, still. I planted them from seed from a pack that contained a mix of large Zinnias. The problem is that by the time they dry and I try to remove the seeds, all color is gone and I'm clueless what I have. I do have 2 sections of Zins that contain a bunch of the same color, the red ones in the picture above and another bunch of purple ones. I dunno how that happened but I'm so glad! Should I be tagging these things or something so that I know what color I have? I'm not big on surprises. Plus, I'm participating in Colleen's seed exchange and I'm pretty sure other people would prefer to know exactly what color they are getting, too.

In other seed collecting news, COREOPSIS ROSA SEEDS ARE PRACTICALLY MICROSCOPIC!! Jeez I need a freaking magnifying glass. At some point I started thinking I look like some pot head trying to de-seed my weed".

The picture above is one of the seedlings that GB brought over after I killed all those other plants. I have no idea what it is but I love it! And I have 3 of them! I think the color on the leaves is just awesome. Thanks, GB!

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