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Sunday, September 2, 2007

Psychedelic Sunday

This is my garden on Crack Foundation bed Dirty Fingernails over at Green Thumb Chronicles had an awesome idea to see just how cool we can distort our garden photos. Ummmmm I got a little carried away.

The picture below is my official entry.
Green tomato sandwich

Mushroom in pink

Rudbeckia and evil cucumber beetle Fountain grass

Blue tomatoes

This was so much fun!


  1. I just love the blue tomatoes!!! Isn't it fun to warp things??

  2. I had to look twice to figure out what was what. Great idea and fantastic execution. I've used bastard garden twice with no comment from you -- have your forsaken me?

  3. Really fun idea! That tomato sandwich is positively gruesome and I thought the first pic was balloons!

  4. You and Dirty Fingernails are sick, sick, sick :)

    These are awesome!

  5. That was fun to see--I wonder if the Garden Ranter who was complaining about too many rudbeckia and echinacea would be okay with them were they psychedelic colours?

  6. DF - i love those blue tomatoes!

    heather - im a loser! i have been so bad about checking and responding to blogs. i am making a committment to the bastard garden. i swear!

    alyssa - can you belive those gross green tomatoes???

    david - i get the feeling you are afraid we are gonna put some spell on you *evil grin*

  7. jodi - i think psychedelic rudebeckia and echinacea are definately acceptable to the ranters!

  8. The blue tomatoes are my favorites.

  9. OMG ! That is some crazy looking stuff!! It sure makes you take a double take.

  10. You should try to dry your tomatoes! It was so much easier than I thought it would be...we don't get any rain here though....