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Friday, September 14, 2007

Picking Tomatoes By Flashlight

Several times this week I've been outside at dark trying to find a ripe tomato. This sucks!

I've been working later and that, coupled with the fact that it's getting dark earlier, makes finding ripe veggies very interesting. My kitchen garden is close to my patio so I can turn on the patio light which helps some. Tonight it was actually really dark out when I realized I had no tomato for my veggie burger. So, I used the flashlight. There I am out in the garden hunting for any big boy or roma that is red enough to eat using a flashlight that is either on its last leg or needs a new battery. I'm pretty sure I could have gotten more light from a Bic lighter.

After all that, I ended up having to cut a bunch of cherry tomatoes in half to use for my sandwich. I can't believe a couple of weeks ago I had so many tomatoes sitting around that I had to get creative and now I can't even find one for a lousy hamburger.

I actually still have quite a few green ones on the vine and all the plants have new blooms on them. I'm curious to see how long they will actually make it before it gets too cold.


  1. That was so funny! In part because I used to work at BIC. I always wonder why people choose to write BIC lighter or pen rather than just the generic lighter or pen. Why don't you pick the almost ripe tomatoes in the morning and let them sit on your windowsill during the day ripening while you're at work?

  2. I can identify with picking vegetables in the dark. Since I work 2nd shift and don't have any spare time before I go into work, I'm out at night watering, picking off slugs and bugs, and also trying to find veggies. When it starts to get cold you can pull up the whole tomato plant, hang it upside down in the garage, and everything should ripen on it. Or, like Heather said, grab a few and have them ripen indoors - out of bright sunlight though and not in the fridge.

  3. I'm going to work in the dark these days, but fortunately, it is still light out when I get home. I'm not looking forward to both going and returning in the dark! I've still got a few tomatoes, but my supply is dwindling, too.

    Carol at May Dreams Gardens