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Saturday, August 18, 2007

Planting Lettuce: Day Zero

I planted the lettuce seeds today! I started by drilling drain holes in the new planter boxes I made last weekend and covering the holes with screen. I added bagged top soil and bagged compost to the boxes then sprinkled seeds over the top and then sprinkled a very thin layer of potting soil over the top and watered it.

The bottom box has European Mesclun Salad on the left and Henderson's Black-Seeded Simpson on the right. The top box has Rocky Top Lettuce Salad in most of the box but I also added a little more of the Black-Seeded Simpson at the very front. I have no idea what I'm doing here! The rest of the seeds go to GB.

Ummmm - what happened to the broccoli??? I'm guessing this is why it isn't suppose to be planted in the summer? What do I do now? Throw it out? Will this keep growing since it should be cooling off soon or is it a goner? This is one of the baby rabbits that didn't get chopped up in the unfortunate lawn mower killing. If you look closely you can see another one in the hole right beside it. I saw another one over by my roses earlier. They are so tiny.

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  1. I would just snap off that top clump and it should send out some side florets that will be edible. Ours does that late in the season, too, but we still get some florets that we can eat.

    We didn't grow any broccoli this year, but we usually do. I love it! Little green worms and all! LOLOL