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Friday, August 10, 2007

I Heart Zinnia

This is the first time I've ever planted seeds. I think the buds are so interestingAnd then I could start to see the color the flowers would be They are much taller than I expected and opened pretty quick
And now I have these in all different colors all over my garden.
I'm in love!


  1. I heart zinnas too! They are so pleasing to look at and fun to grow. Your progression of the pink zinna is neat. Post some more of the other colors that are in your garden. I'd love to see them.

  2. Pretty! You know, I've never had any zinnias (don't tell anyone.) Those would be nice in my butterfly garden. You're tempting me to go to the store...

  3. Like the way you showed the progression of the zinnia...neat! I posted some zinnia pic's friday and one of my comments was from david in greensboro nc he was telling me he had visited your site..and you had zinnia's posted also and that he was getting interested in zinnia' I see his post thought I would come check out your zinnia pic's...they are pretty, arent they.. and they come in soo many diffrent sizes,colors and shapes..I also grow one called green with envy~pretty neat..its like a chartruse green, enjoyed my visit!

  4. We're two peas in a first year gardening pod. I too love zinnias! Easy to grow and flower non-stop...excellent choice!

  5. alyssa - i will try to post more pictures on sunday. i cannot believe how many different colors came in the one mult color seed pack i bought.

    hey david! you need to try zinnias for sure! i basically just threw them in the ground and waited. i dont think it gets any easier than zinnia and i'll grow them again next year for sure.

    hi catherine - thanks for stopping by. i had seen your red and white zinnia pictures too. they are beautiful. what are they? they remind me of peppermint sticks.

    hey katie - hahahaha @ 2 peas in a first year gardening pod. let's see those zinnias! thanks for stopping by.

  6. Great post....welcome to the Zinnia fan club! I hope to do a post soon about my favorites....Cactus Zinnias. They have huge booms with curved wavy petals in some really cool colors.

  7. connie - cactus zinnia??? now THAT i need to see! I think there should be one day during the gardening season that is devoted to showing off your zinnias.

  8. Love to see your zinnia :D
    i'm a fan of zinnia too,eventhough i only have small spaces for gardening, i'll try to plant them...really want to see ur recent collection