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Sunday, July 8, 2007

Week in Review

First baby watermelon
  1. I found watermelons! The one in the picture is golf ball size. I have no idea how long it'll take before we can eat it but I'M SO EXCITED I CAN'T WAIT!
  2. I asked for plant suggestions and got a bunch of great ones, went shopping and bought many from the list! I'll post the list this week.
  3. Carol called attention to my blog on her blog. I FEEL FAMOUS! (I also feel famous when I get reblogged on Garden Voices.)
  4. I found an awesome strawberry pot on for 5 bucks! I was a bit paranoid to go to the lady's house but she was SO NICE! Thank you nice Craigslist lady!
  5. I used some of my fresh basil! I made tomato basil soup.
  6. I planted one of the Coral Bells in the sun, it freaked out, I moved it behind the little peach tree and it perked up after the sun stopped shining on it. I don't want to move it to the front yard. Come on CB, you can do it! Would it be crazy to put an umbrella over it? I saw that on somebody's blog.
  7. I unknowingly shopped at the same plant place as Mr Brown Thumb, another Chicagoan.
  8. I ruined another 2 pair of gym socks from gardening. I wear gym shoes and then my socks are just disgusting.
  9. I found out what the unknown bushes are outside the house and got some great advice on how to improve my curb appeal. Thank you everyone!
  10. I put fish emulsion on my flowers. It smelled and looked disgusting and due to that I will probably never use it again, unless it turns out to be a magic plant potion. I don't know if I got some up my nose or what but I still smell it. YES, I showered.

First of freshly picked basil

Garage bedRoses are looking good. Grass - not so much...Shopping spree


  1. Geez, Louise ! Yes, It'll take time before the watermelon is ready, make sure you let me know so I can come over and eat some. There's nothing I miss more than cold watermelon in such hot weather !

    You are now famous, Gina ! Garden Voices is awesome, isn't it ?
    Bet that Basil Tomato soup was so great.

    Fish emulsion ? What does it do ? Attract homeless cats ? Just kidding.

    Grass looking poorly ? Probably just needs a "weed and feed " application by the garden hose.

  2. Your garden is starting to look so nice! IMO grass is so unimportant... I'm not much of a grass person (most of mine has been replaced!) But I do throw a little Peace of Mind organic lawn food on it now and then. However, I think you're smart to work on the plants and just don't worry about the grass.;)

  3. Carolyn - I used the fish emulsion as an organic fertilizer in an attempt to offset the suckiness of my soil. Between that stuff and the Catmint (Walkers Low per your suggestion) that I planted, I should have a yard full of cats in no time!

    Leslie - thanks for the encouraging words and the organic grass fertilizer suggestion. I'll check that out for sure. To be honest, I never notice the grass as much as when I take and post pictures. Then, for some reason I feel the need to say that I know my grass is crappy. I have issues!

  4. Marion in SavannahJuly 10, 2007 at 2:52 PM

    I'm enjoying your blog a bunch! Our houses are almost the same size, and the same style, and I'm a newbie homeowner/gardener so I'm sneaking by for tips! Alas, no squashes or melons for me -- I tried zucchini, had lovely plants, and then The Dreaded Squash Vine Borer arrived. Adios zucchini. Your basil is lovely -- I love it snipped over ripe tomatoes with fresh mozzarella and olive oil. Yum! As for grass, my "lawn" is mostly weeds, and I'm probably going to turn the back yard into a series of 4x4 foot raised beds, some with veggies, some with flowers and some with herbs. Keep on blogging!

  5. Marion - thanks for stopping by and leaving the encouraging comment! Good luck with your garden. Are you considering doing a blog? I'd love to compare notes on our similar houses and lack of gardening experince :) I'd love to see some pictures. If you are not considering a blog feel free to email me. Happy Gardening!