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Monday, July 23, 2007

This Really Cracked Me Up!

I was browsing through garden pictures that I took back in May and I ran across Day 1 of the Kitchen Garden. It really tickled me because you can hardly see the watermelon that is now attempting to take over my patio. And of course I got another good laugh out of my upside down tomato cages. Imagine how my poor tomatoes would be choking right now if I hadn't fixed that!

I won't re-post the current picture but you can see an updated one that I took a few days ago in the right margin of my blog.

My next project that I'm obsessing about (after sprucing up that patio table) is building a couple of raised beds which I'd love to do by Labor Day so I can plant lettuce. Now, if I can just find the perfect sized untreated free lumber!


  1. Big difference in just a few months, eh? And your tomato cages were quite uniquely installed, but they didn't come with instructions, right, so how would you know?

    We all do things in the garden we have to laugh about!

    Carol at May Dreams Gardens

  2. Gina,

    What a change when you see the before and after, huh ? Pretty proud of yourself I'd imagine.

    I love raised beds and so do the plants. Good luck finding Mr. and Mrs. Just the Right Size Treated Lumber Free.

  3. carol and carolyn - you should see of my other before pictures. I was really wow'd, myself. I think I'll wait until gardening season is over (whenever that is) to bust out all the proper before and after pictures.