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Monday, July 30, 2007

Melon Watch and Other Stuff

I only have 2 watermelons but they seem to be doing okay. I notice they haven't really grown much at all in the last week or so. These are Sugar Baby variety and since I've never grown them before (or any other for that matter), I have no idea if they are close to full size or not. Compared to the Watermelons, I have way more Cantaloupes! Probably 8 or so and the plants are starting to bloom again. This is Ambrosia variety. Mr. W doesnt like Cantaloupes so I'll be eating these all myself, or giving them away.

I think these grape tomatoes are my favorite tomatoes so far this season. I absolutely love the way they look on the vine. So much that I hate to even pick them. They are also muy delicioso.

Ugly window box planter update: These are going to be returned. After they have been in my possession for 24 hours, I think they are uglier than ever. But the real reason is that Garden Buddy and I are gonna do a weekend warrior project - we are building planter boxes! This is scheduled for August 10th. I've ordered my lettuce seeds and I think August 10th shouldn't be too late to plant them. According to the garden calendar on the Illinois Extension website, I should plant lettuce on Labor Day. I'm so excited about the project! Who knows, if it turns out right and we don't saw off any digits, maybe we'll build a big pergola!


  1. Your garden is certainly giving you a lot of good food! Those melons look yummy, and so do the tomatoes.
    Good luck with your project.

    Carol at May Dreams Gardens

  2. We have planted grape tomatoes and we love them. Everything looks yummy!!!